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Who I Am

I am an intuitive reader who specializes in reading energy. Your first name, your job, an idea you may have, the numbers you repeatedly see, all have specific energies and messages attached to them.

I use my Clairvoyance, Mediumship Skills, your Personal Numbers, and Tarot Cards to receive the clearest and most precise messages for you.



Who I Am, and What I Have to Offer

We will begin your reading by tuning into the energy of your first name, your aura colors and their meanings, and your personal numerology and how it affects you. We may even receive messages during this time from deceased loved ones, or your guides. We will then move on to your prepared questions for the remainder of your reading. They may include issues about love, career, health, and anything at all that concerns you. I also do mediumship work and can receive messages from the other side in regard to these concerns.

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I had my first reading with Jemma over seven years ago and get readings a few times a year ever since. Jemma is highly intuitive and uses her positivity and spiritual strength to offer clarity to your current life situations. She is very “spot on” with her information, even when at times I have left a reading thinking, “Well that can’t be right.” She truly works for you throughout the entire reading. She is a very “high vibration” woman, who leaves you feeling elevated and empowered. I have a tremendous amount of respect for women who use their gifts to empower other women.


Jemma has a very special ability that gives you the guidance that you need in moments when you need more clarity. Her readings are right on the mark and the insight she gives you is priceless!

Educator PhD Candidate

Jemma's availability to capture individual readings are not only an encounter of pure beauty, but her accuracy and expertise are spiritual, educative, and spot on. She is always detailed and insightful and takes the time to really make your experience with her special.

Educator/Master of Music/Opera Singer

Jemma is the real deal!!! When you need a good psychic, medium, numerologist, and tarot card reader, go to Jemma. She's simply the best. I have been a client since 2011, and she has never ceased to amaze me by what she sees. During my many readings with her, she has been so spot on accurate, my jaw dropped. She told me things no one could ever know about, and yet, they have come true. During one reading she told me to watch out for the plumbing. Then at night, we found out out that the pipes were leaking in the condo below us. On another occasion, I asked about a home I wanted to rent. Jemma told me I would sign the lease at the end of the month. As luck would have it, I signed the lease on March 30th. You don't get more on target than that. I can go on forever with all the items Jemma has advised me about. She has a real connection to the spirit world. Not a believer? Try her for one reading, and I assure you, you'll be convinced. I am so satisfied, I recommended a colleague of mine to try her. He's just as pleased as I am. Don't see another psychic. With Jemma, there's no need.

Executive Travel Coordinator

I have enjoyed being a client of Jemma's for years. Her ability to give intuitive readings is a gift! She is very knowledgeable, professional, and compassionate.

Homemaker/Expert Stenographer

Jemma has been an invaluable spiritual counselor and partner to both me and my son over the past 8 years. Her readings are life enhancing and life altering. She opens our minds to possibilities in our careers, our academic pursuits, our romantic lives and provides helpful insights into our overall health -- both physical and psychological. Her readings give us guidance on new directions to pursue as well as how to interpret events in our lives. Jemma's sessions help to settle our spirits, ease our anxieties, and give us hope for the future.


Corporate Consultant and Student/Athlete/Photographer



I also have a Youtube channel, which you can visit by clicking the button below. I publish videos based on your power number and what to expect for the coming up month. Be sure to check it out!


Your Reading Awaits



We will begin your reading by tuning into the energy of your first name, your aura colors and their meanings, your personal numerology and how it affects you. We will then be guided through the reading by deceased loved ones and your guides. Get in touch with me to schedule your Psychic Reading appointment.


Jemma has been enriching not only my life, but the evolution of my being since 2006. Jemma does not tell me what I should do, or what will happen. She shows me to myself in all my integrated - sometimes disjointed - layers and complexities. Jemma confirms truths and possibilities that for whatever reason I was unable or unwilling to fully embrace or acknowledge. She does this without pandering to what she thinks I want to hear or reducing to psychic shock tactics. I am an academic and an educator as well as an artist, and I have no doubt that Jemma's sensitivity to and awareness of multiple levels of consciousness, planes of existences, and discarnate beings is genuine, earned, and constantly developing. My gratitude to Jemma is immeasurable. I return to benefit from her awareness, sensitivity, and delivery year after year; and I always will.

Educator/Published Author



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